Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence in the World of Beauty !

All bloggers posing with Ma'am Masarrat Misbah & Redah Misbah. 

Asalam-O-Alaikum Everyone !
Depilex Group completed 35 years of excellence in the world of beauty, makeup & salon services, so, to celebrate this achievement they arranged a one day makeup basics workshop in which a handful of beauty bloggers from Lahore & Islamabad were invited and yours truly was among the few who were selected (^_^) !

About Depilex: 

Depilex was found in 1980 by the visionary Masarrat Misbah now headed by Redah Misbah, it has grown from a single premise offering professional, beauty, relaxation and training services to 25 branches in Pakistan and one each in UAE, USA & Canada. Depilex has always been forefront in field of beauty, hair and fashion trends in Pakistan. The staff at depilex is very well trained due to the fact that Masarrat Misbah herself is well versed in the art of makeup & beauty and she feel that skin & hair are two most important areas that need to be handled with care. Also the best thing about Depilex is their focus on empowering women!

About Depilex College of Cosmetology (DCC): 

Currently situated at 25 Ali-Block Main Garden Town, Lahore, DCC offers a unique learning environment along with hands on training. Their curriculum is specifically designed to inculcate students for the international beauty arena. The academic team at DCC are renowned experts in their respective fields. Their professional experience enriches the students learning by collaborating the real world asthetics to internationally taught theories and standards. Each student will have an opportunity to learn from a currriculum that consists of class room instruction and supervised salon technical experience. 

One Day Workshop for Bloggers at DCC: 

I had the privilege to attend the One day makeup basics workshop arranged for the bloggers at DCC, all thanks to Fakhra Rafique Khan (^_^) !! The workshop started with a warm welcome by Redah Misbah & Masarrat Misbah, their presence was soooo overwhelming that I was only starring at them with my mouth wide open =D !

Ma'am Masarrat Misbah is the true personificaton of the word poise, I was amazed at how open & down to earth she was and how willing she was to share her knowledge with everyone so they could gain some advantage from it ! And as they say, like mother like daughter, Redah Misbah is no less charming than her mother. 
They gave us an introduction about Depilex Group and DCC. Redah also gave us an outline of all the courses they're offering at the college (which I will share in my next post). 
Ma'am Masarrat Misbah signified that beauty actually is confidence and no make-up can suffice self-confidence. She also shared her personal experiences and incidents which we all thoroughly enjoyed (^_^) !

Then we had an appetizing tea break (donuts were the best part about it =D), after which Isma took over to give us a demo on easy day to evening transformation makeup look. She had an extensive knowledge about makeup.

Isma demonstrating day to evening makeup look.

Isma started with the day time look using the latest strobing techniques and then transformed it into a sultry evening look by smoking out the eyes and using contouring tricks.

Right: Natural day time look, Left: Smokey evening look.

During this demo we also had a Q&A session in which atleast I got to know alot of tips and tricks about makeup that I had not known before.
After the demo we were taken to the practical room which was well lit nd well furnished for makeup practice. We were given a chance to try out all the Masarrat Misbah Makeup and recreate the looks.

Yours truly in action ;) =D !
During this practice session Isma was observing everyone and she individually assisted and gave us all recommendations and practical advices accordingly.

At the end Ma'am Masarrat Misbah & Redah Misbah rewarded us with the certificates and we had a session with Depilex Live team where we shared our thoughts about the workshop.

I'll just end this post by thanking the depilex team & Fakhra for arranging the best one day workshop ever for us (^_^).

Much Love xx

PS. It was a pleasure meeting all the fellow bloggers (^_^) !!

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