The Versatile Blogger Award !

Asalam-o-Alaikum, Everyone !
I am very excited about this post, as this is my first blogger award ( yaaayy (^_^) !! ). I'd like to thank Bia of The Beauty Finds for nominating me for this award =) .

So, according to the rules I've to state 7 interesting things about myself, so lets get started with it =D.

  • I love cats =D ! I have three pet cats, four intially one of them passed away recently :'(
  • I have Aquaphobia but I've overcome it alot now.  
  • My nick name is Chandu =$ . My dadi ammi (grandmother) named me Chandni (but Daddy said it's a filmy name and named me Bakhtawar instead) hence Chandu =P .
  • I hated make-up & shopping, like realllllyy HATED it till I was 20, I hardly owned 2 glosses I guess which I used for special occassions ONLY ! And the thing I hated the most is the one I love the most now, LIPSTICK ! I've raised an army of lipsticks in 2 years =$. 
  • I eat ALOT more when I'm stressed and down. 
  • I am very, I repeat VERY possessive. What's mine is mine, end of story ! 
  • I am very stubborn & child like =$ 
Here's the badge I made to put up on my profile. Let me know how is it ? =D 

I'd like to nominate the following bloggers for this award. 

Farah of I Am Cutibubbli
Nayab Najam of Nayab Loves
Sahrish Adeel of Sahrish Adeel's Blog
Zubia Rizvi of The Beside Dreams Diary
Naimal Hammad of Peachy Pout
Sadia Malik of Sadia Malik's Blog
Areej Usman of Areej Usman's Blog
Mahnoor Malik of Mahnoor's Haul
Rakhshanda Khan of The Fashion Personal Blog
Shang J. of The Feminine Crusade
Ayesha Irfan of Ayesha's Blog
Marium Fahad of Marium Says
Wajiha Shakeel of The Fashion Files by W.S.A
Saman Shafiq of The Makeup Pouch

I'd like to thank Bia once again =) and following are the rules that have to be observed by anyone who gets nominated for the award: 
  • Share a Badge on your blog. (you can copy mine if you like :) ).
  • Thank & Link the blogger who nominated you. 
  • Link 15 deserving bloggers as nominees.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
So, that's about all =D. I hope you enjoyed reading (^_^). 
Take Care x 
Much Love xx
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  1. thanks alot for nominating me! i had two cats, one ran away and one died :( terrible times i swear!

    1. Aww.. =( I'll gift you a kitty if we ever meet IA =) x
      and you're welcome (^_^) .

  2. loved this post.......I also eat moreeeeeee when I am stressed and moreover when I am watching a movie....I cant stick to a movie more than 30 mins if I dont have anything to eat.... I am also very possessive and stubborn too....I hope we are not lost sisters...:D....-_-

    1. hahaha =D may be we got lost in kumbh ka mela like in indian movies =P .

  3. Thank you for the nomination :D Chandu is an adorable name, better than Chandni hehe. xx

  4. Interesting :)) Thanks alot for nominating me Chandu :P xo

  5. awww thank you so much bakhtawar!! and we oth know how crazily obsessed i am with my cats hahaha
    really enjoyed reading about you :)

    1. thank you so much =D
      Oh yes cats are love <3 =D
      and you're always welcome =) xx

  6. Congrats Bakhtawar!!!
    Im your new follower, if u hv tym, visit my blog aand share your opinion :)

  7. Congratulationa dear
    Do check out my blog


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